I Became The Hero

I recently have been filming concerts at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, New York. This past Friday was renamed “Strayday”, because a band known as Stray From The Path was headlining the show that night. Though I didn’t get to see the band that changed the name of the day, I had the chance to see a very talented local band called I Became The Hero. Before you watch the footage from the show, keep in mind where my head is at when I am behind the camera in the crowd; I make movies to show my perspective on the world around me, simple as that. I will explain this is greater detail as the time comes. As an example in the meantime, take into account the view in which I have filmed this band. As a person in the crowd, seeing a local band, getting pushed around by the moshpit happening right in front of me, getting to see each band member from the location I am sitting. Enjoy.

Tomorrow/Eventually I will be posting the details of my thoughts about perspective, and how my perspective has been changed by a group of revolutionary people, coming together to better the world.



(More To Come)


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