Noobie (Part Two)

The purpose of this blog for me is to speak to my mind on the internet and share as much useful information as possible as time goes on. This is a place I will get my thoughts out about the current GOP race going on, or the newest Cookin’ Soul mixtape that just dropped, pretty much anything that comes to my mind will be posted on here as I start getting used to it. Feel free to follow my blog if you’re interested in what I have to bring to the table, and also feel free not to.

My name is Nick Streva, I grew up in Lagrangeville, but I was born in Riverdale, both in the state of New York. I work at a shitty grocery store down the road from my house. I hope Brenda and Don follow this now that i gave them a shout-out. I’m studying nonsense at Arlington High School, and then hope to get accepted to Harvard (on the Hudson) so I can take some classes that may be more useful to me than Friday Night Lights or Speak. When I grow old and rack up the years on my age I’m hoping to have a career in some sort of communications or media studies, and if that falls through then I kind of want to start cooking up some crack, or really good food, not actual crack. Crack is Wack.

-Stay Tuned for More. 

“When will the fantasy end, When will the heaven begin?”Image


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