To use the word “noobie” in a sentence- I am a noobie when it comes to blogging. That is a fact. I have had one blog in my past and it didn’t go well enough to keep using it, so after maybe 8-10 months of not blogging I will give it another shot. The inspiration comes to me from my cousin who has a blog and posts some really cool stuff. I will be linking many videos, pictures, and links to this blog because that’s what I do. Excuse my language as well, as I don’t have tourrettes but may cuss a wee lil bit in the future o’ dis blog. Thank you all for a moment reading this, now attached to this very first blog is the link to my cousins blog/website which inspired me to give it another shot.


One thought on “Noobie

  1. sweet. like the new blog! honored to be an inspiration. notice i haven’t done a post in a week or so!? so now you will be my inspiration! wink wink. love the photos…AND your writing!! keep up the good work.

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