Ok So. Slacker I am, here is another post. A short, cheap blog post once again.

I am attempting to expand my videography into many different areas, very hard to do, but it will be done. Recently I have started getting asked to do many different videos, mainly music videos, and the one part that stresses me is charging a set price. Basically, my prices for video/photo shoots are different for every video, due to the fact that different videos take different amounts of time and effort to complete. As well as the location of shoots which will be factored in as well. I just wanted to make that clear, there is no set price, the price is to be discussed prior to the shoot. The End.

If anybody has any suggestions for my videos/photos, feel free to email me at I love to hear what people like about my stuff as well as what people do not like about it. I want people to know that I am still a beginner in my mind, just on a different level. I am and always will be learning new things when it comes to the usage of my camera and the different techniques used to complete different videos. Thank Ya.

Saturday, March 3rd. @ The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY- Pro T and JetForce Recordings, as well as many others will be performing in celebration on Pro’s birthday, and more importantly the life of Tim Crivello. Be There, It Will Be Fun.

=Spread The Word: From, Holy.


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