Give It A Shot


I’ve been making videos and taking pictures for around six or seven years now, but I’ve just begun to take it seriously enough to think of it as a possible future. Since I am still only a senior in high school, I have not started any formal education into the media world. I didn’t learn much of anything from the courses offered in high school for a number of different reasons.

I was first introduced to digital arts through two friends of mine back when we started skateboarding. They would bring their cameras along and film videos which would then be uploaded on YouTube. From what I remember, they were the ones that kind of introduced me to filming and photography. They never really taught me specifically how to take pictures or film, my two friends simply gave me tips and pointers which would improve the outcome of my projects. I never really thought anything of it until now, but it is (indirectly) because of those two people that I am writing on this blog today. Because of those two people I have over two hundred videos uploaded on YouTube, and over four hundred pictures on Flickr.

I have been able to do the projects I do because of a handful of helpful people, different inspirational places, as well as my dedication to digital media. Many bands and hip-hop groups have helped to provide me with video and photo shoots as well as a political reform group, but most importantly my parents have supported me tremendously throughout the years I’ve been trying my luck at digital media.

I’m hoping in the future to continue film and photography for as long as I can, in any way that I can. I don’t believe in working a job that is not enjoyable, so that’s one thing I will try to avoid in my life. I don’t want to be stuck in a hospital with sick patients, or sitting in an office for a full work day; instead I want to do something that I love and will enjoy for the remainder of my life. I’m sure that’s what most people say when they’re looking at their future too, but why listen to people that tell you differently from what your heart tells you?

If you doubt something that you love doing, look back at your past, where you were when you began your passion. I’m sure everybody reading this is at an age where you can look back at what you love and see the improvements you’ve made or where your work really wasn’t looking as well as you would’ve liked it, but the important thing to look at is that you have made improvements and there is always room for more improvements. You have to keep working at what you love throughout time, never give it up, if you don’t like how something looks, try something new and see if you can form something out of that new technique.

I’m not at all saying that my work is the best out there or that I don’t need improvement; I’m just saying that there’s always room for improvements in your life, and sometimes a lack of inspiration might be why your searching for improvements.
Positivity is not always an easy task for me, I’m attempting to generate some positive thoughts from this post that could be useful to any readers that haven’t had a dose of inspiration in recent days or are just at a crossroads at what you do, in art or everyday life. This applies to myself as well.
I’m no therapist, but if your struggling with what you love don’t give up;
Look at your past. Then think hard about what you want the future to look like.

Comment on this post if your still reading when you get to this point. I’ll be surprised.


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