Film/Photography Inquiries

Photography/Film by HolyNick

If interested please contact me at or shoot me a text/call at 845-332-5327, feel free to leave a message if I do not answer.

So basically, I shoot videos and photos for fun and simply for the love of it. The negatives to doing it for fun are that it is a very expensive hobby, which is why I am attempting to charge for video and photo projects. Who is in control of the price? Me. Sure I can control the prices of the work I do for customers, but why would I set a price which people are not willing to pay? And would I say no to somebody trying to bargain with me on prices? The answer to both of those questions is a simple No.

My video shoots start at $20, and photo shoots start at $10, which means they might be more depending on many different factors. The main thing I want to factor into pricing is transportation fees. This is my biggest concern right now, if I’m going to shoot something far away, the price might be more versus a closer location to me will mean a possibility of a lower price. Also I plan on factoring in the time it will take to actually shoot the video in addition to the time it will take for post-production which means editing, color grading, exporting, and burning/uploading the project.
Prints of any photos of mine are also up for sale for anyone interested. Contact me with a heads up as to the size of the print you would like and an order will be put in.

I shoot a variety of different types of videos such as live concerts, music videos, promotional/informational shorts, sporting events, and much more. I take pictures of many public events such as rallies and protests, any type of portrait (family, single/multiple person), band/musician promotional images and album/mixtape covers, sporting events, product promotional images, and anything else needed by customers.
Contact me with details of an event/project that is not listed above if you are interested in my photography/film. We can discuss details and prices for odd jobs.

I shoot with a Canon T2i, as well as keeping my Flip Ultra HD camera by my side in case I need second angles. I use the kit lens as well as a Canon 50mm prime lens, as well as many accessories which help me to produce quality videos and pictures. I have been filming and photographing for over 5 years, of course it is amateur work, but check out my Flickr and Vimeo for some samples of my work and feedback is always a good thing to receive. I have experience with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop as well as Sony Vegas Pro, and I have a good directing attitude when it comes to getting down to business to shoot. I also have an assistant director if it is needed. Contact Me!

Please, whoever might be reading this and might be interested in contacting me for inquiries remember that I shoot videos and pictures because I love doing it. Shoot me an offer on anything you are thinking and I will take it into deep consideration.

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.


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